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December 20, 2016

December 20, 2016

Dear Friends,
By the time you receive this letter Christmas will have already past and maybe even New Year’s Eve, but as I write this letter I am asking the Lord to give each and every one of you that read it a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year. We have had a very eventful year and Christmas season as well. Our Josy enjoyed setting up the Christmas tree with my wife and we also had the opportunity to participate as a church in the city-wide Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 17. We prepared two floats full of lights and a manger scene, I was dressed as a Shepherd along with my wife, we had a choir of about 50 young people singing Christmas carols and we had a vehicle with puppets. It was one of the most impressive delegations in all the parade! We passed out thousands of fliers with the gospel and a Christmas message from our church. This was our first year to participate in this parade.

In November one of our children from the Orphanage got saved and baptized. His name is Omar. Omar and his twin brother were given to us by their drug addict mother when they were only 2 years old. They were in a bad state of mal-nutrition and could have died due to this. God allowed us to take them in and as a result these boys are now 9 years old and Omar is now saved and baptized. All the money you send for the orphanage has resulted in these types of results. Please keep on giving. By February, 2017, we will be needing to raise at least $5,000 a month because we are losing the support we had been receiving for 14 years. Please have a part in supporting this ministry on a monthly basis so we do not have to close down.

On December 18 we held our Bible College graduation and José Jacob Morales was our graduate this year. Bro. Morales is the son of oldest son of our missionary, José and Luz Morales, in Colombia, South America. Young José was only one year old when his parents came to our church in 1994 and has grown up in our ministry. He is now married and has a daughter of his own and eventually God will lead him into some type of leadership. We are excited as we have one more ready to go whenever God calls and leads. It is a blessing to see how the Lord is raising up young men and women to serve the Lord in this country and beyond. Thank you for your support as we strive to keep on training young men and women for the ministry.

Our youngest son, Jonathan, is graduating from High School tomorrow, December 21, and plans to go to

West Coast Baptist College in January, 2017. Pray for both he and our daughter, Rachel, that the Lord would provide jobs for them so that they may be able to cover all their expenses while in College. We thank the Lord for our children and trust God would do a great and mighty work in their lives.

In January, we have our largest conference of the year. Please pray God would use this conference to be able to encourage many pastors and lay people that will be attending. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support this past year and we trust you may continue to do so in 2017. God bless you and we love you. Come and visit us as soon as you can.

In His service,
Byron and Briceida Willis


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